Dark Cherry Chrome Mini Vibes by Le Wand

Covetable. Compact. Convenient. Pleasure in the palm of your hand.

Le Wand’s new Dark Cherry tone joins the on-trend Rose Gold and ultra-chic Black versions of the Chrome Mini Vibe Collection. Dark Cherry is more than just an attractive color. A dark, bold red evokes strong emotions like passion or intensity, encourages appetite, symbolizes love and danger. Eyes look to red first, as it draws attention, creating movement and excitement. These are the type of emotions Le Wand is aiming to inspire with the new cherry color.

Le Wand Chrome Mini Vibes is a collection of six mini vibrators that are powerful, portable, and adaptable to a full range of situations:

The iconically -shaped Bullet and Grand Bullet vibes are fantastic places to start in the wake of your masturbation journey.

Quickies in your (home) office just got better with the quintessential, USB-rechargeable Baton vibrator.

Wrap the Deux’s vibrating ears around your clit and seamlessly fall asleep on restless nights.

Get straight to the Point with this contoured mini-vibe that’s perfect for a hands-free masturbation experience.

Featuring dual-motor functionality, Double Vibe provides the utmost power and versatility in a compact design.

Get to know Chrome Mini Vibes:

Compact yet powerful – Designed for pleasure-seekers who love a small but oh-so-mighty vibe. Enjoy orgasms on-the-go with the Le Wand Chrome Mini Vibes Collection.

Pleasure & versatility – The exceptionally versatile vibration settings of the Le Wand Chrome Mini Vibes are bound to push you over the edge, again and again. 11+ Modes and 4+ Intensity levels.

Shower-friendly – Suitable for shower play, the Chrome mini vibrators are the only thing you’ll want to bring along on your aquatic adventures.

Thoughtful design – Ergonomic and suitable for all bodies, all Chrome mini vibrators are 100% body-safe and easy to use. Ready, get set, orgasm!


Le Wand Bullet

23.5mm Rechargeable Vibrator with Silicone Textured Ring

Perfect for beginners, Le Wand Bullet is a cute & tiny vibe that’s deceptive but packs enough power to throw you over the edge.

Elegant and easy-to-use, the Bullet has accessible one-touch controls at the bottom of its rounded frame while also being fully encased in body-safe metal. This rechargeable Bullet mini vibrator comes with a

removable textured silicone sleeve for added pleasure. They say that big things come in small packages!


Le Wand Grand Bullet

Rechargeable Vibrator with Silicone Textured Ring

Le Wand Grand Bullet is the larger version of the iconically-shaped vibe that will guide you to fantastic places in the wake of your masturbation journey.

What differentiates the Grand Bullet is its tube-like structure that tapers outward at the top, giving the toy a handle for those needing a more secure grip. The Grand Bullet also packs 40% more power than its smaller counterpart for advanced players that want a stronger touch when they climax. The Grand Bullet is body-safe, USB rechargeable, and comes with a removable textured silicone sleeve for added pleasure.


Le Wand Deux

Twin Motor Rechargeable Vibrator

Le Wand Deux is a twin-motor, rechargeable mini vibrator for vulva owners that need additional clitoral stimulation.

Made for comfort from body-safe silicone, Le Wand Deux features easy-to-use controls that breeze through 15 rumbly vibration modes and 6 arousing intensity levels. We refer to Le Wand Deux as “sensation in stereo,” because of its ability to act like headphones for the clit, nipples, or whichever erogenous zone you’re stimulating. Le Wand Deux is ideal for solo pleasure or intense couples’ play. Test your partner’s ability to resist orgasmic pleasure with each of its powerful ends.

Le Wand Baton

Rechargeable Vibrator with Silicone Textured Ring

If you’re looking to gift a vibe newbie or treat yourself, look no further.

Le Wand Baton is the quintessential slim vibrator that every vulva owner should have in their collection. Parallel with the other vibes in our new Chrome collection, the Baton is built with body-safe material, intuitive functionality, and rechargeable power. It’s USB port and outward appearance makes this undetectable if, say, you wanted to charge this in your work computer! Quickies in the office just got a whole lot easier.

Le Wand Baton comes complete with a travel lock, LED charging indicator, and a micro-suede pouch for on-the-go adventures. It also includes a silicone textured ring for added pleasure.


Le Wand Point

Rumbly Motor Contoured Layon Rechargeable Vibrator

Take pleasure to new heights with Le Wand Point, a contoured mini-vibe that provides the ultimate hands-free masturbation experience.

Made from body-safe silicone, Le Wand Point is a USB rechargeable vibe that features intuitive controls for seamless stimulation. Lay it flat, grind against it, or add a little ~oomph~ during partnered play. The Point specializes in covering the genitalia, making it the perfect option for those looking for a more portable vibe than the larger Le Wand Massagers we love. Besides being the largest mini-vibe in the Chrome collection, Le Wand Point comes with the same travel lock function, LED charging indicator, and a micro-suede pouch for discreet storage.


Le Wand Double Vibe

Twin Motor Rechargeable Vibrator with Textured Sleeve

Perfect for solo or couples play, Double Vibe fits in the palm of your hand and offers sensational dual stimulation where it matters most.

Its powerful, portable and adaptable size is perfect for a full range of situations. Featuring twin motors located in each of the flexible vibrating ears, the Double Vibe provides twice the intensity- making it the most powerful product of its size. This body-safe luxury vibe comes complete with an extra textured silicone sleeve, travel lock, LED charging indicator and micro-suede travel bag.

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