Cyberskin H20 Vulcan Water Activated Realistic Shower Strokers by Topco

Vulcan Shower
Created with remarkably lifelike Cyberskin and featuring a tight and textured inner sleeve, the H20 Vulcan Shower Stroker feels like the real thing.
Vulcan openings.jpg
There is no need to add lube, because these strokers are water-activated to create its own super slick lubrication for up to thirty uses!
The removable and reusable sleeve is open ended for easy cleaning, and the case features a waterproof hang cord for easy storage.


  • Water activated, self-lubricating  for up to 30 uses
  • Remarkably lifelike Cyberskin H20 feels like the real thing
  • Tight and textured inner sleeve
  • Open-ended sleeve for fast and easy cleaning
  • Removable and reusable sleeve
  • Waterproof hang cord for easy storage

6″ x 2.45″

Available with 3 openings, each with a different interior:

Realistic Pussy
Deep Throat
Realistic Ass

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