Chrystalino Handblown Glass Wands by Shots

The unique shapes of these beautifully handcrafted wands have been designed for both vaginal as well as anal play!
Place the wand of your choice under a stream of lukewarm or cold water and the premium borosilicate material will heat up or cool down for enhanced temperature play.
The beautiful Chrystalino wands are shatterproof, non-porous, body safe and will give a lifetime of pleasure!
Borosilicate Glass
9.96″ (7″ insertable) x 3.98″ x 2.6″

Chrystalino Treasure Handblown Glass Wand

Treasure is shaped to please, with a slightly flared tip, smooth shaft, and round handle.

Chrystalino Lollypop Handblown Glass Wand

Lollypop features a graduated undulating shape that tapers in to a smooth handle at the other.

Chrystalino Tower Handblown Glass Wand

Tower’s simple and straightforward shape lets you experience the smoothness of a quality handblown

Chrystalino Flask Handblown Glass Wand

Flask starts out slim, dramatically widens in the middle, then gently tapers inward to end in a wide base for safety.

Chrystalino GalLant Handblown Glass Wand

GalLant offers an angled, undulating form designed for G-Spot pleasures, with a tapered tip for easy insertion and a flared base for safety.

Chrystalino Superior Handblown Glass Wand

Superior’s double ended design allows for multiple uses.

Chrystalino Champ Handblown Glass Wand

Champ offers a tapered round tip with a smoothly curved shaft and handle.

Chrystalino Elegance Handblown Glass Wand

Elegance offers a curvy shape and ends in a stylish dual pronged base.

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