Cheap Thrills by CalExotics

Cheap Thrills.jpg

Cheap Thrills provides fun and excitement, at a price point that can’t be beat.

The Showgirl brings a touch of glamour to the bedroom. The packaging features a sexy starlet ready and willing to please. The Farm Girl offers homegrown fun with a country spin. For a bit of naughtiness, the Harlot is where it’s at.
All Cheap Thrills are made of ultra life-like PureSkin making for an incredibly real experience. Plus, the chambers are soft, stretchy and anatomically correct for even more authenticity. Caring for these beauties is easy; they are maintenance free making clean up a breeze.
Select from 3 themed styles:

The Showgirl

“To know her was to burn and be burned.”

The Farm Girl

“She lived like a wicked little animal.”

The Harlot

“Sexual torment tortured her body and seared her soul.”

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