Charged by The Screaming O – Fall 2017 Release Package


The original Charged collection featured some of Screaming O’s top selling designs, as well as some new styles, but with rechargeable motors. This line expansion is no different, and with everything powered by that awesome, deep-and-rumbly Vooom technology, you’re sure to find something to float your man-in-the-boat.

Charged OYeah! Plus Rechargeable Vibrating Ring


Take a next-level ride with the Charged OYeah! Plus, an extra-stretchy vibrating cock ring powered by rechargeable Vooom technology positioned vertically to deliver the perfect massage.

This elongated motor is equipped with 10 functions of deep, rumbling vibration amplified by a unique criss-cross “CrossFin” extension that pinpoints powerful vibration at its apex.

Made of lab-tested, body-safe ABS and SEBS, Charged OYeah! Plus is super-stretchy to fit most sizes and features an extra-wide cock ring band for stability and improved comfort. Boasting 60+ minutes of rumbly vibes on a single charge, Charged OYeah! Plus is 100% waterproof and supported by a 2-year limited warranty to guarantee ultimate satisfaction. Enjoy penetrating vibration in a uniquely comfortable cock ring with the Charged OYeah! Plus!


  • 10-function rechargeable vertical vibrating ring
  • Deep, rumbling Vooom vibration
  • Stimulating “CrossFin” criss-cross shape
  • Extra-wide cock ring band for comfort & stability
  • Lab-tested, body-safe SEBS and ABS materials
  • 2 Year warranty provided by The Screaming O




Charged Vooom RC Remote Control Bullet


Upgrade your sex toy collection with Charged Vooom RC, a deep rumbling rechargeable vibe powered by a clever remote control disguised as a finger ring.

This compact 10-FUNction mini vibe can be used on its own or boosted by the remote, which works up to 50 feet away for rumbly fun from across the room! Experience more than 60 minutes on a single charge and enjoy Vooom RC on its own, inside most any bullet-powered sex toy, or in any panty for a flirty way spice up ordinary date nights.

This waterproof bullet can upgrade almost any bullet compatible sex toy or harness and add a rumbling element to solo and partnered play; the bullet is made of lab tested body-safe ABS plastic, while the remote is shaped from lab-tested body-safe True Silicone for a comfortable universal fit.

Vooom RC is USB-rechargeable (cord is included!) and supported by a 2-year limited warranty to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.


  • Rechargeable remote-controlled bullet vibe
  • Deep, rumbling Vooom vibration
  • 10 FUNctions
  • 60-minute run time per charge
  • Works with or without the remote
  • Made of lab-tested, body-safe ABS plastic and True Silicone
  • 2 Year warranty provided by The Screaming O




Charged Monarch Rechargeable Wearable Butterfly Vibe


Feel the flutter with Charged Monarch, a wearable butterfly vibe equipped with firm-and-flexible wings that flit the clitoris and enfold its surrounding sensitive area with powerful vibration.

Built with a dual-ring design, Charged Monarch’s motor is positioned perfectly thanks to two separate stretchy rings – the front ring fits around the penis and the back ring fits around the penis and testicles to provide an isolation fit that feels pleasantly snug while keeping the butterfly in place.

Featuring a simple push-button control, this body-safe True Silicone vibrating cock ring boasts 10 powerful functions, is fully USB rechargeable (cord included), and is easy to clean with soap and warm water.

Fashioned after the famous butterfly massager – a classic favorite among couples – Charged Monarch combines hands-free intimate massage with extra-strength erection enhancement for a magnificently majestic experience.


  • Wearable rechargeable butterfly vibe
  • Deep, rumbling Charged Vooom vibration
  • Fluttering wings and stretchy dual-ring design
  • 10 powerful vibration functions
  • Made of lab-tested body-safe ABS and True Silicone
  • 2 Year warranty provided by The Screaming O

Silicone and ABS


Charged Skooch Rechargeable Vibrating Ring With Flexible Fins


Enjoy textured stimulation with Charged Skooch, a rechargeable vibrating cock ring equipped with four firm-yet-flexible fin-like extensions that tremble with deep, rumbling Vooom vibration.

Sweep, rub or grind your way to deeper stimulation and enjoy 10 powerful FUNctions that flow through Charged Skooch’s smooth silicone fins for the most satisfying sensation. This unique vibrating cock ring also features a wider band that fits around the penis or penis and testicles (your choice!) with a more comfortable snug and secure fit.

Charged Skooch is made of lab-tested, body-safe True Silicone, is completely waterproof, and comes with a limited 2-year warranty to assure ultimate customer satisfaction.


  • Rechargeable vibrating ring with flexible fins
  • Deep, rumbling Vooom vibration
  • Wide band for a secure, comfortable fit
  • 10 FUNctions
  • Lab-tested, body-safe True Silicone
  • 2 Year warranty provided by The Screaming O



Charged CombO Kit #1 Rechargeable All-In-One Sex Toy Kit


Enjoy all-in-one fun with Charged CombO Kit #1, a complete better sex kit powered by 10 FUNctions of deep rumbling Vooom vibration.

This convenient collection includes a stretchy two-sided cock ring and comfortable fingertip sleeve – both made of body-safe True Silicone – for the widest variety at a value price.

Included in each Charged CombO kit is a rechargeable 10-FUNction bullet vibe powered by Vooom technology, a low-pitch vibration that rumbles rather than buzzes for a deeper sensation, and two easy-to-use attachments to transform the experience.

Slip the ABS plastic bullet into the stretchy two-sided cock ring to enjoy vibrating enhancement with a partner, or insert the bullet into the finger sleeve to transform your fingertip into a powerful sex toy.

You can even enjoy the bullet on its own for rumbling massage everywhere it touches – including inside bullet-compatible sex toys, like harnesses or dildos!

However you choose to use it, Charged CombO Kit #1 vibrates for more than 60 minutes on a single charge, is 100% waterproof, and comes with a USB charge cable so you can power it up right out of the box.

Mix, match, and explore all the ways you love to play and enjoy high-quality, body-safe sex toys at an unbeatable price.


  • Value-priced all-in-one sex toy kit
  • 10-FUNction rumbling Vooom bullet
  • Stretchy two-sided cock ring and comfortable fingertip sleeve included
  • 100% waterproof
  • 60+ minutes vibration
  • Lab-tested, body-safe materials
  • 2 Year warranty provided by The Screaming O

Silicone and ABS

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