Behind Closed Doors by Little Genie

Behind Closed Doors

Romance games aren’t just a fun way to pass the time, they’re also a GREAT way to open the lines of communication between partners.

Here are some options from the Behind Closed Doors collection by Little Genie.

FloorPlay 4X3 ft Foam Game Board

LGBCD008 (1)

Get down and have fun with this innovative new game. Soft foam pieces interlock to form a cushioned mat to play on. Toss the game pieces and reveal foreplay activities that will be sure to lead to some sexual fun and excitement!

Contents: 4 ways to play, 12 soft interlocking foam squares each with 2 activity pieces, 2 tossing game piece


Lover’s Choice


A Game for Generous Lovers

You choose how risqué you want the sex-play to be with this game. With cards for Him and for Her, this game can be played mild or wild! Each card has 3 activities to choose from, game play can be differently each time. Raise your level of erotic love.

Contents:  40 “him” cards with 3 options on each card, 40 “her” cards with 3 options on each card, 1 game die




Nominated for Game of the Year 2015!

Write Your Own Erotic Adventure

100 Sexy Scenarios can make for thousands of new ways to experience your partner.  All you need is a little imagination and some time to enjoy.  The great thing about this game is that you can control where and how, with what and for how long….

How To Play:  Fill in the blanks to these sex scenarios and have an adventure.

Contents:  100 Scenarios, 2 Pencils, Unlimited Possibilities


In The Mood For Love


In The Mood to try something new? 

How about 105 ways to express yourself.  This game is a flirtatious selection of “moody” seductions designed to bring excitement, pleasure, and fun into your bedroom (and other places too, depending on your sense of adventure)!

How to Play:  In The Mood For Love cards are a great way to reward lover or simply express whatever you may be in the mood for, from fun and playfulness to romance and passion, to a bit of kink and adventure. You decide. You can take turns exchanging cards or you can surprise your lover by hiding the cards in places where they are sure to find them.

Contents: 105 In The Mood For Love Cards.

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