b-Vibe Vibrating Snug & Tug

Sensation seekers rejoice! Get ready to meet a multi-sensational showstopper, the new b-Vibe Vibrating Snug & Tug.

One part penis ring and one part weighted butt plug, the Vibrating Snug & Tug is a hybrid sex toy perfect for solo or partnered sex.

Experience three sensations in the form of one ingenious design:

Penis Ring — For those with one, penis rings make erections stronger and last longer.

Weighted Butt Plug — Labeled as the clear-cut champion in the realm of weighted butt plugs, b-Vibe fused their award-winning Snug Plug with a penis ring to create a toy that’s just as much for folks experienced in anal play as it is for beginners.

Vibrations Galore — By popular demand, a powerful motor was added with 6 vibration patterns and 4 levels of intensity to provide a hefty dose of stimulation like none other. Wear the penis ring for a long-lasting erection while enjoying the delightfully weighted internal plug for anal and prostate sensation.

Like all b-Vibe premium anal toys, the Vibrating Snug & Tug is made from 100% body-safe materials.

Get to know the Vibrating Snug & Tug

Quaking the south With 4 vibration intensities and 6 patterns, deliver intense pulses of pleasure to the prostate and anal canal. Find the size that’s just right with medium and extra large options.

Stronger for longer – Wrap the tugging penis ring around the base of your penis and testicles for restricted blood flow, keeping you deployed at full mast for an explosive boarding party.

Full fundament comfort – With a stretchable ring and plug made of silky smooth, body-safe silicone, your booty and berries have never been more snug and secure.

Weighted and rounded for pure pleasure – Based on the bestselling Snug Plug design, the Vibrating Snug and Tug offers weight and fullness and providing absolute anal activation.

Ideal for couples play – Get a full prostate prodding while penetrating your partner with the hardest erection you’ve ever experienced.


  • Hybrid ring and plug
  • Weighted butt plug
  • Flexible penis ring
  • 4 Vibration intensities and 6 patterns
  • Hypoallergenic & body-safe
  • Soft seamless silicone
  • 100% Splashproof
  • USB rechargeable – charging cable included
  • 1 Year Warranty provided by b-Vibe

Medium Size:

4.4” (3.8” insertable)

Plug Diameter 1.3”

Neck Diameter: 0.47”

Ring Diameter: 1.57”

XL Size:

5.5” (4.9” insertable)

Plug Diameter: 1.7”

Neck Diameter: 0.47”

Ring Diameter: 1.57”

One thought on “b-Vibe Vibrating Snug & Tug

  1. Michael Goodwin says:

    i bought this for solo play since better half doesn’t do anal. This product delivers! I lubed up with come coconut oil and slipped it right in after a bit of relaxing. After securing my shaft with the stretchable ring, I enjoyed an explosive orgasm while stimulating the prostate. The butt plug has a waggle feature along with the vibration to massage and stimulate a true p-gasm. The weight and the long neck ensures that is won’t slip out. I love to wear my plugs and this one is no exception. It’s comfortable and with all the features, when I want some excitement, I just press a button. No batteries needed since it has a USB charger with sealed contacts to prevent water damaging the plug. When I want some dildo play, the curved bottom of the plug and the long round plug ensures I can get just the right amount of insertion length fo mimic a dildo. I got the medium, but could have stood to get a larger size. I like to challenge my man pussy.

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