What’s the best way to look for a G spot? And how do I know when I’ve found it?



What’s the best way to look for a G spot? And how do I know when I’ve found it?

You can stimulate the G spot by putting pressure on the front wall of the vagina, anywhere from 1 to 3 inches inside (depending on the individual). To reach it, insert two fingers and then curl them forward, with the curve of your fingers facing toward your or your partner’s belly button.

How to Stimulate the G Spot

The G-spot responds best to steady outward strokes and focused pressure. This is because the G-spot is where the vagina meets the erectile tissue lining the urethra. You will recognize G-spot toys as they always have a forward curve to create pressure on this sensitive area.

Finding the right spot to stimulate—and the right level of pressure—for any given lover can take some experimentation and practice. If the G-spot is hard to reach with your fingers, G spot vibe is the perfect toy to help. (And they works as great external clitoral vibe too!)

What Does G Spot Play Feel Like?

As the person receiving the stimulation becomes more aroused, and there’s more pressure on the G spot, they may feel like they need to pee. This happens because there’s neurological cross-talk between the urethra and the vagina. Most people will pass through this feeling without any pee leaving the body because part of the function of the urethral sponge (beyond pleasure) is to block the flow of urine when someone is aroused. The urethral sponge becomes engorged and closes off the urethra.

Explore & Find G Spot Pleasure

All of this may sound a bit clinical, but we encourage you to just play and explore. Try to combine sensations, like using a vibe internally and one on the clitoris at the same time. Most people with vulvas find it easier to orgasm when their clitoris is stimulated too!

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Why Mutual Masturbation is Healthy in Relationships (and How You Can Try It)



Contrary to one of the many popular sexual myths that pervade our anti-sex culture, masturbation does not stop (nor should it) once you’re in a committed relationship. There’s this weird AF notion that if you masturbate in a relationship, the relationship somehow suffers. Some people even consider masturbating cheating.

This is, to be quite frank, total horseshit.

Masturbating in relationships

Masturbation is not bad nor does it damage partnerships. In fact, studies have shown that masturbating in relationships can actually increase overall libido, leading people to more frequent partnered sexual play.

Masturbation, like pretty much all consensual sex acts, has its place inside and outside of relationships. And not only does it have its place, but it can also even spice things up between the two of you. Namely, when you masturbate WITH your partner.

Here is your complete guide to mutual masturbation, why it’s awesome, and even a few fun tips.

What is mutual masturbation?

It’s hot to watch your partner get themselves off. It just is. Seeing them pleasure themselves is like your own personal porno right there in your bedroom (or wherever you do sex stuff).

You get to see exactly how they like to be touched when they touch themselves and getting to be a part of that intense ecstasy is invigorating. You might even get a few ideas for the next time you fool around together.

Mutual masturbation keeps intimacy alive

Between work, family, friends, and other life commitments, you get exhausted. Masturbation shouldn’t be a replacement for all your sexual play, but it can definitely be on the menu when you’re too tired for sex.

Having sex is extremely important to relationship health. Again, people will say it’s not the most important thing, but that does not mean it isn’t of any import.

Instead of skipping sex, try mutual masturbation. You get to be together and have orgasms without all the effort of oral sex, hand sex, or intercourse. Your partner can lick or bite your nipples, you can make out during the session; whatever feels right. If you’d rather just lie back and both do your own thing, there is nothing wrong with that. The key thing is that you’re engaging in sexual self-love with the person you love. You’re sharing your erotic space, without having sex.

Just because you’re masturbating together doesn’t mean it isn’t intimate (and hot).

Mutual masturbation with sex toys

When it comes to using toys, mutual masturbation is a fantastic opportunity to get spontaneous and adventurous.

If your partner has a prostate, try putting in a butt plug or anal beads while they move their hand up and down their shaft. This gives them dual pleasure and ups the erotic nature of the whole experience.

And don’t forget, butt toys are not gender-exclusive. Every single person can enjoy a butt plug. Try putting in a butt plug while simultaneously using a wand vibrator on the clitoris. The sensations are out of this world.

Feeling vibration around the anus, clitoral hood, and shaft ignites the entire clitoral complex, from bulbs to wings, to glans. Talk about a toe-curling sexual experience.

Don’t forget the lube

Whether you’re masturbating, having intercourse, or performing analingus – lube is an essential tool for maximum pleasure. Lube offers a barrier between your sensitive nether regions and your toys. No one needs to burn their clit off with their vibrator on a maximum setting. Hard pass, mate.

When using butt toys, lube helps you slide your toys into place. A butt hole does not expand or lubricate naturally the way a vagina does. So, lube, lube, and more lube.

Be sure you are using a water-based lubricant with your silicone toys. As much as silicone and oil-based lubes are fun and slippery, they can damage your silicone and that is not fun for anyone.

Why Mutual Masturbation is Healthy in Relationships (and How You Can Try It) by Gigi Engle originally appeared on Anal Play 101

Discover the Orgasmic Powerhouse of the Prostate


The prostate can be a source of incredible pleasure, and many say prostate stimulation gives them unusually intense orgasms that can’t be achieved any other way. Once considered taboo, anal penetration is discussed and enjoyed much more openly today and scores of magazine and internet articles tell readers it’s a must-try activity for people with penises, regardless of sexual orientation or gender. Prostate milking and pegging are all the rage with good reason, and with its surge in popularity, more people are looking for tips and tools to help them get the most out of prostate pleasure.

What and where is the prostate?

The prostate is a paraurethral gland found in people born with penises. Although these are generally men, trans women have prostates, too. It’s located roughly three to four inches inside the anal canal, and its primary function is reproductive. Prostates make some of the fluid in semen, which preserves the longevity of sperm cells and carries them out during ejaculation.

In a more casual and erotic sense, the prostate is an orgasmic powerhouse. Often compared to the G-spot, it can produce toe curling, full-body orgasms when stimulated properly. Some describe the feeling as the start of an orgasm that just keeps going and going.

How do I find the prostate?

For those new to prostate play, it’s sometimes best to explore the first time manually — that means using fingers. This way you’ll get a tactile feel for what you’re looking for. After you establish a roadmap, using prostate toys is a great way to really get the pleasure party going.

Before hunting for the prostate, sometimes called the P-spot, it’s important to reach a solid state of arousal first. Just like the G-spot, it needs warm-up to help it swell with excitement and make it easier to find with the touch of a fingertip.

If the person with the prostate is lying on their back, their partner should gently enter the anus with a well lubed finger. (If hygiene or fingernails are a concern, try wearing a well-lubed latex glove.) When the finger is three to four inches inside, curl it up toward the receiver’s belly to find the prostate, in a “come-hither” type motion. The gland has the give of a semi-ripe plum and sometimes has little ridges in it, like a walnut. Gently massage and rub the spot to heighten arousal. Some people enjoy prostate stimulation in conjunction with hand jobs and blow jobs while others prefer it a la carte.

What about prostate toys?

While the above method is perfect for partnered sexy time, that’s not always an option, especially when playing solo or maneuvering sex positions that make manual stim relatively impossible. For solo play, prostate toys are a must, and many prefer using them with partners, too. With toys, the receiver can change positions easily, and it’s also easier to incorporate other sex acts if one’s partner isn’t busy knuckle-deep in an anus.

This is important: only use toys specifically made for prostates. This is important for a couple of reasons: First, prostate toys need to have a very specific shape to reach the right places. Most prostate toys have a curved or bulbous end that mimic a curved finger. Second, prostate toys are made with flared bases so they won’t get lost inside the anus.

For those intrigued by being kept in an extended heightened state of arousal, there are cock-ring and prostate plug combo toys that keep the wearer’s cock erect and aroused while the other end rests against the prostate.


Lube is a must when it comes to anal play. When selecting the right lube, there are a couple of important things to remember: The anus is not self-lubricating; and it absorbs water. Silicone lube is often preferred for these reasons. Silicone has incredible staying power and won’t be absorbed by the body.

Some silicone toys, however, are not compatible with silicone lube. In those cases, a hybrid lube works nicely. If you opt to use water-based lube anally, choose something that is thicker and more viscous, making it longer lasting.

Prostate play can be incredibly erotic and may produce the strongest orgasms possible. It’s no longer taboo and is openly enjoyed by people from all sexual orientations and gender identities. If you or your customers are a little apprehensive about giving it a try, a little knowledge goes a long way. Follow these tips and enjoy the journey.

Discover the Orgasmic Powerhouse of the Prostate by Rebecca Weinberg originally appeared on XBIZ


Using Self Pleasure to Tackle Chronic Pain


Conversations about sex often focus on the fun and steamy side. That’s great! It’s also really important to talk about the not-fun parts of sex — the stuff that gets in the way of experiencing pleasure — and what we can do about it. For people who experience chronic pain, enjoying sex can sometimes be challenging.

What is chronic pain?

About 20 percent of individuals in the general population experience chronic pain of some kind. But how do you know when something is chronic pain and not just, well… pain? There are a few differences.

The definition of chronic pain is any pain that lasts for more than three months. The pain can be continuous or can occur every so often.

Additionally, humans tend to experience pain when there is imminent or actual damage to the body. These pain signals stop when the body is no longer injured or in danger of being injured. However, when you have chronic pain, these pain signals persist even when there is no immediate injury to the body. The pain may have originated with an injury, but chronic pain continues well past the initial damage and may last for months or years. Some of the more commonly experienced types of chronic pain are back pain, headaches, nerve damage, and secondary pain associated with a primary disease like cancer or arthritis. However, there are many types of chronic pain. You might experience chronic pain and not even know it! For example, chronic fatigue and recurring, severe menstrual cramps are both forms of chronic pain.

Chronic pain can be a real wet blanket on your libido…

If you suffer from chronic pain, you might find that pain negatively impacts your sex life. In fact, 50 to 80 percent of individuals with chronic pain feel that it causes problems in their sex life. Chronic pain can cause all sorts of obstacles to enjoying your sexuality. For example, certain positions may aggravate the pain. Pain might reduce your libido. Fear of experiencing pain may cause you to avoid sexual stimulation.

Chronic pain can also impact your self-image and how confident you feel in your own body. It can be difficult to feel sexy when you’re experiencing discomfort. These are all common feelings for people who live with chronic pain. In fact, between 35 and 40 percent of people with chronic pain stop engaging in any type of sexual activity at all.

Combating pain with pleasure

Despite pain acting as a barrier to sexual pleasure, sexual pleasure can also be a key for reducing chronic pain. You might already know that masturbation has the potential to reduce stress, improve sleep, and help soothe menstrual cramps, but did you know that self-stimulation can also help you to manage chronic pain? Yes please to more solo sex health benefits!

A few different studies, mostly conducted by Beverly Whipple and Barry Komisaruk, have shown that when vulva owners self-stimulate the clitoris and the vagina, pain tolerance increases. This means that when you are experiencing sexual pleasure, you feel less pain. Whipple and Komisaruk showed that when masturbating, vulva owners’ pain tolerance increase about 40 percent. When those same vulva owners masturbated to orgasm, their pain tolerance increased 74 percent! These effects lasted throughout the sexual experience and for a few minutes after orgasm.

Not only can masturbation temporarily make you a pain-immune superhero but it could also help boost your confidence and actual sex technique. It’s really common for people living with chronic pain to worry about their own sexual performance and ability to orgasm. Here’s where masturbation is, again, a great tool. A 1991 study showed that women who masturbated had higher overall sexual satisfaction and ability to reach orgasm that women who didn’t masturbate. This may be because masturbation can help you to identify what sensations feel most pleasurable for you and it helps you to practice coming. This is a great time to stick to the philosophy that practice makes perfect.

Additionally, masturbation may help with managing the mental health side-effects of chronic pain. Chronic pain can cause depression because when you suffer from chronic pain, you are in a constant state of stress and discomfort. Up to 85 percent of people living with chronic pain also suffer from depression. Though research has not shown whether masturbation can actually cure or significantly reduce depression, we do know that orgasms release dopamine and oxytocin that help you to feel euphoric and good. This too could offer at least some temporary relief from the heaviness of depressive moods.

Try it out!

So how can you begin incorporating these concepts into your own sex life? A great place to start is with your own hands or with a sex toy that can adapt to your sensory needs in the moment.

If you experience chronic pain, particularly in the lower back and pelvis, certain types of sexual stimulation may be painful. You might have days when vaginal penetration feels good and can help to stimulate and reduce tension in internal pelvic muscles. However, there may be days when penetration is too intense and you prefer to concentrate sexual stimulation on the clitoris.

Experiment with different types of self-stimulation on your clitoris, vulva, and even the G-spot, to see what feels best for you.

Remember, learning to manage chronic pain is often a journey where you test out different strategies and find out what works for you. It can be frustrating when you’re looking for solutions and can’t seem to get the results you want.

Be compassionate with yourself and know that with time, community, and the right resources, it’s totally possible to increase your pleasure and build the relationship with sexuality that you desire.

Using Self Pleasure to Tackle Chronic Pain by Louise Head originally appeared on Rumble & Buzz by Le Wand

How to Schedule Time for Sex…and Still Be Turned On


I get it— to-do lists aren’t exactly what you think of when you hear the word “sexy.” Nestled between taking out the trash and doing the laundry, I can see why the concept of scheduling sex might turn you off. But I’m here, as living proof, to confirm that scheduling sex can, in fact, be very very sexy!

Scheduling sex is an extremely beneficial practice for almost any couple beyond the initial rip-your-shirt-off, romp-fest days. It’s easy to see why scheduling sex would be needed for workaholics, parents, and long-distance couples. But also, let’s be real, when you’ve been with the same person for a long-ass while, it’s normal for your sex life to lose the excitement and passion it once had, and as a result, become less frequent. When done right, scheduling sex can be an exciting and natural way to re-spark that fiery flame. The key is in building…some anticipation.

Create the Atmosphere

Nothing gets me in the mood more than sultry lighting, clean sheets, the smell of fresh roses, lacy lingerie, some smooth jazz, and a glass of red wine. Because our emotions and our senses are so closely connected, all of these elements send a signal to your brain that makes you feel both physically and mentally ready for sex. Figure out what your idea of a sexy atmosphere is — or better yet, your partner’s — and I promise it will be worth the extra effort!

Send Dirty Texts Throughout the Day

Texting your partner steamy texts on your special, scheduled day is a surefire way to build anticipation. There’s something I love about sexting when in a meeting, on the elliptical or in the carpool lane. Perhaps it’s carrying around a dirty little secret that no one around me knows. Plus, it makes me feel extra confident and desired. By the time you finally see each other, you will go crazy with all the pent-up anticipation!

Use Time to Your Advantage

One of the best parts about scheduling sex is that it makes it easier to try something new with your partner that you’ve been putting off because it takes a little extra preparation and communication. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try role-playing, BDSM or anal, but never felt like it could happen naturally with spontaneous sex. Now is your chance! Talk to your partner about your sexual fantasies and then put them on the calendar! Knowing tonight is the night you’ll use a ball gag for the first time can be hella thrilling!

Masturbate In Front of Each Other 

I’m going to let you in on a little trick of mine. When my husband and I are too tired to have sex or are struggling to get in the mood, we try mutual masturbation. This is a great trick because it is insanely intimate and pleasurable, but it requires less work and energy than a full-on sex sesh, plus a lot of the time seeing each other masturbate actually turns us on so much that we can’t keep our hands off each other.

At the end of the day, a little perspective change can go a long way. Scheduling sex is all about showing up for each other and deciding that your relationship and sex life are important, which is super hot in and of itself if you ask me. Now, go get your calendars…

How to Schedule Time for Sex…and Still Be Turned On by Miranda Buzzlove originally appeared on CalExotics.com


People of Holiday: Susanna Molina

Susanna 1

Holiday Products’ Director of Purchasing and Inventory Susanna Molina entered the adult novelty industry at the ripe age of 18 and after gaining experience at two top novelty manufacturers, moved on to Holiday Products in March 2010. In her current role, Molina participates in many facets of the company’s operations from supporting sales and the graphic arts department to executive decision making with Holiday Products President Ken Sahn. Driven by passion and professionalism, Molina says she looks forward to keeping the momentum going for Holiday Products into the future.

What is your role and responsibility at Holiday Products?

My title is Director of Purchasing and Inventory but my role is far greater than just that. I am responsible for everything related to product. This includes vendor relationships, new product, product fill rate, all ordering, pricing, budgets and maintaining proper inventory levels. I also facilitate the sales department with special order and communication as a liaison for our vendors. I work very closely with Kenny [Holiday Products President] in product direction and inventory analysis. I work directly with Graphic Arts assisting in production of our catalogs, email blasts, brochures and images for our website.

Describe a typical Monday at your desk.

Holiday Products is a great place to work so I actually look forward to coming to work on Monday. There is pressure to perform well but not a pressure cooker atmosphere. When I get to work on a Monday morning I check email voicemail, run inventory reports, check stock levels, check the calendar for upcoming meetings that we will be having that week and prep myself for those meeting, which are for the most part vendor meeting/sales meeting and purchasing meetings.

How did you get into the business?

Pipedream Products — it sort of just landed in my lap, I started at Pipedream when I was just of legal age to work in the adult industry. Then I went on for a brief stint at Stockroom and was actually prepared to move into another field when I got the call form Kenny and we both felt it was such a good fit he hired me on the spot.

What prepared you for what you are doing now?

I am not sure that anything prepares you for being in the adult industry. But my experience at Pipedream certainly was a big factor in preparing me for my work at Holiday. With that said, I brought a lot to the table for our team but I have learned so much since being here and that is exciting to still be learning and growing in your field.

What do you see as the challenges of working in adult novelty sales? How do you overcome them?

Being a woman in the adult has been somewhat difficult especially at the beginning of my career now that I have 19 years under my belt it has definitely gotten a lot easier, but I honestly have to say the most difficult thing about being in the adult business is trying to explain to my two boys — ages 18 and 22 — what I do for a living.

Do you have a personal motto or mantra that you live by?

“Live life with passion — love what you do, do what you love.”

What are your goals for Holiday Products in 2020?

Personally, I just want to keep on contributing and adding to our success. I joined the company in March of 2010, just four months after Kenny joined the company. Since then we have seen such enormous growth, added so many great members to our team and are having so much fun while doing this. My goal is to do my part to keep the momentum going!

WIA Profile: Susanna Molina by Ariana Rodriguez originally appeared on XBIZ


We Asked A Nudist Why Going Au Naturale is A Great Idea


Do you remember the joy of running around naked when you were a child? Before you learned shamed about your naked body. The opulent feeling of freedom and pure fun that you felt then? The feel of the sun, wind, and water against our bare bodies is so natural and freeing. If you put in the work to rediscover your inner child, it is totally worth it to recapture that innocence no matter what your age, your occupation, or your physical appearance. People who enjoy nude recreation distinguish between nudity and sex and keep the two in their proper perspectives. Nudity is not inherently sexual.

I (author Carly Steif) believe that nudity has the ability to help facilitate better attitudes on body image and sex. Outlawing your natural form in public causes people to be ashamed of their bodies, and in turn, perpetuates the cycle of sexual confusion and shame. People ogling at the naked body does not spur from nudity, but from a puritanical school of thought that demonizes the very essence of what it means to be human.

Body shaming

There are a lot of people in our society who are routinely told by society that their bodies are ugly. In fact, it’s probably a safe guess that most people are told that their bodies are ugly for one reason or another.

A lot of folks are shamed for their body for a variety of reasons. For example, not shaving, having stretch marks, or any number of naturally occurring parts of a human’s body, but society has made it all too easy to forget that. This message is given to overweight people, scarred people, people with stretch marks, disabled people, transgender people, people with extra skin, people who are older or wrinkled. The list goes on and on and is rooted in white supremacy.

So when people are told that their bodies are ugly, they are also told that they should be covered. So the simple act of not doing that, of forcing people to look at your body when society has made it so easy for them to forget that it even exists, is a liberating one.

What are some benefits of nudity?

It can also aid you in getting a better night’s sleep. For the optimum sleeping conditions, your body needs to reach an optimal temperature of around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Losing your pajamas is the easiest way to lower your body temp. When you wear restrictive clothing and underwear they often leave indentations and marks all over our bodies, leading to drying and wrinkling of the skin.

Going naked is great for healthy skin. It helps the elimination of sweat toxins that clothing can reintroduce to the body over and over again. It can also help overall blood circulation because you aren’t wearing tight clothing or underwear. Clothing can cause excessive sweating which may lead to inflammation of the skin follicles, rashes, and breakouts. Going au naturale gives your skin a chance to breathe.

Spending time in the nude is also a great way to get in touch with your body. Most people in today’s society are so disconnected from bodily sensations and this could help. Not having anything int he way of you touching and simply just being mindful in your body is something very powerful. Being in the nude can reduce shame by actively working to be comfortable in your skin without the barrier of clothing.

Additional benefits of being naked in the sun

Being naked in the sun not only boosts your Vitamin D intake and your mood, but it can also improve your circulation and detoxify your skin. Research shows that our bodies are better at absorbing Vitamin D from sunlight than supplements, and while exposing your skin to the sun for too long can have serious consequences, the dose of sunshine you get if you sneak outside for 10-15 minutes will be the best natural mood booster.

Tips for getting started with nudity

First, start in a place that you’re more used to being naked in — the bedroom. Simply delay getting dressed by 5 minutes in the morning. The options are endless on how you choose to be naked, but you have to practice. This sounds obvious, but the more time that you spend being naked, the more natural it starts to feel.

Get naked when no one’s around. And keep on doing it until you’re totally comfortable with being naked. Try to find ways to take care of your body and send it the message that it deserves love and pampering. Maybe that’s getting massages, manicures, or facials or something as simple as putting lotion on. Find a lotion you love and spending an extra few minutes naked really taking the time to put it on every inch of your skin. Appreciate your elbows, ankles, and every other body party you rarely spend time doting on.

More importantly, don’t put yourself down when you’re naked. When people feel self-conscious they tend to criticize or make excuses for their bodies before even taking their clothes off. Please don’t do this! Don’t beat yourself up in front of yourself or others. You don’t have to point out your perceived flaws or make self-deprecating jokes about your body. It’s unnecessary, it’s cruel, and it draws attention to things your partner probably wouldn’t have noticed on their own!

If you catch yourself thinking critical thoughts in the moment, try to talk to yourself like you would to your best friend. You wouldn’t let anyone say anything mean about them, so don’t let yourself be mean to yourself.

We Asked A Nudist Why Going Au Naturale is A Great Idea By Carly Steif originally appeared on bvibe.com

A Look at the Evolution of the Bullet

Bullet Vibes

In today’s adult retail landscape, vibrators consistently get more unique with bells, whistles and everything in between added to enhance their power. When faced with choices that are as high-tech as they are sexy, some shoppers might suspect that the more elaborate or multi-function products are automatically the best picks. But there’s no denying that one of the most enduring vibrator styles is the bullet — and with good reason! Bullet vibes tend to be affordable and discreet, widely available, and easily accessible, and they keep getting better and better as the years go on. Now, let’s take a look at this sex toy staple and see how bullet vibrators have evolved.

What Exactly Is a Bullet Vibrator?

Bullet vibrators get their name thanks to their small rounded shape; they look like a cross between a bullet (the ammunition kind) and a big pill, and they range from just a couple of inches long all the way to almost a full foot. Bullets are some of the most basic and economical sex toys available and they’re also some of the bestselling, thanks to their prevalence and popularity. You can typically find a bullet vibe pretty much anywhere that sells adult products and they are great options for first-timers and shoppers on a budget because their prices range dramatically depending on their features — bullet vibrators can be battery-operated, rechargeable, corded, or operated using a remote control.

21st Century Bullets

As the quality of vibrators has improved over the years, bullet vibes have gotten major upgrades. Many are made with high-quality, nonporous materials like silicone, ABS plastic, and even metal, and they’re built to last. Some bullets are waterproof and rechargeable while others come equipped with user-friendly remote controls. Today’s bullet vibes run the gamut from basic and affordable to luxurious and high-end.

Bullets in Every Size

Bullets are often thought of as short, slim, or generally small. While there are many pocket-sized bullets on the market, today’s bullet shopper can find bigger items like powerful bullet-style vibrators that are comparable in size to many full-sized massagers. Other bullets are cleverly constructed to be worn on the finger for easy holding and maneuvering. These bullets can be used to enjoy vibration-enhanced stimulation anywhere on the body.

Finding the Right Bullet

Bullets are an adult retail staple with so many options to choose from, so how can we help shoppers find the right one for their needs? Getting clear on their expectations can help you weed out certain features and functions and get them closer to a style they really want. Ask about their preferences (Big or small? Battery operated or rechargeable?) and the toys they already love (Broad stimulation or pinpoint? Buzzy clitoral stimulation or rumbly G-spot love?) to zero in on the bullet that will cater to them the best.

Bullet vibes have evolved along with the industry, and retailers who keep up on the newest features and latest trends will be well-positioned to help their customers find exactly what they want and take home their new favorite sex toy!

A Look at the Evolution of the Bullet Vibrator by Rebecca Weinberg was originally seen on XBIZ  

6 Foods that Make You Feel Sexy


When it comes to improving sex drive, people are constantly searching for aphrodisiacs. From making money to drugs to food, the world has long lusted for a fix-all solution to sex drive. Today we’re looking at the latter of these, aphrodisiac foods – what they are, how they work, and if their claims are, in fact, real.

So what exactly is an aphrodisiac food and how do they help us get in the mood? An aphrodisiac food is any food or drink that elevates sex drive and libido, whether it increases lubrication, elongates arousal, or encourages orgasm. There have been relatively few studies into the deep science of the cause and effect of foods on human sex drive, which means that many sex drive-inducing food experiences are circumstantial or individual. That being said, aphrodisiacs have existed in popular culture for thousands of years and though they may not be fully scientifically-backed, the following foods are known for their sexy status.

Aphrodisiac Food #1: Oysters

Oh oysters, the little shellfish suckers. Perhaps the most commonly considered aphrodisiac food, oysters have been said to get you excited for sex despite their occasionally less than appealing texture. Now the science behind oysters causing orgasms is pretty minimal and mostly on rats, but the most likely reason oysters are considered aphrodisiacs is because they are chock full of zinc. Zinc is necessary for proper sperm creation so eating a lot of oysters may help penis-owners in the ejaculation department. Unfortunately, there aren’t any direct benefits for vagina-owners, but if oysters make you feel good and sexy, then lean into it! Though completely placebo as far as science is concerned, getting in a sexy mood is the first step to having excellent sex.

Aphrodisiac Food #2: Red Ginseng

Used mostly in teas and herbal supplements, red ginseng has been shown to help some people with sexual dysfunction – most prominently in women post-menopause. Having sex after child-bearing age is a whole new ballgame for many vagina-owners, and red ginseng can help! Though it’s not necessarily as delicious as chocolate or spicy peppers (both false aphrodisiacs), it may be the answer to increased sexual arousal in women post-menopause.

Aphrodisiac Food #3: Maca

Maca is a South American root vegetable, related to kale and broccoli. Often sold in powdered form, maca can be used a sweet addition to any smoothie or stir-fry and is one of the few aphrodisiac foods with the science to back it up. Multiple studies have shown that maca can increase sexual desire in those with erectile dysfunction as well as helping those with sexual dysfunction caused by antidepressants.

Aphrodisiac Food #4: Pistachios

From ice cream to macarons, pistachios have made their way across the globe adding flavor and a bright green color to various cuisines. An excellent snack on their own, pistachios have been shown to increase libido in those with erectile dysfunction. That being said, you’d have to eat quite a few pistachios pretty regularly to see improvement and there isn’t a lot of science looking at their effect on the female body. Like many aphrodisiac foods, pistachios won’t suddenly get you in the mood (though it would be nice if libido was like a light switch!), but it can’t hurt to add them to your diet if you experience regular erectile dysfunction.

Aphrodisiac Food #5: Saffron

A popular herb with wonderfully calming aromatic vibes, saffron can help those who experience the sexual side effects (decreased libido, difficulty orgasming, lack of self-lubrication) caused by antidepressants. Specifically studied in fluoxetine (generic name for Prozac) users, adding saffron to your diet, whether sprinkled on your dinner or in pill form, may just help those battling depression have better sex lives. Plus, it’s delicious!

Aphrodisiac Food #6: Ginkgo Balboa

You may have heard of Ginkgo nuts, a popular bar snack in East Asia, but this specific supplement is derived from the leaves of the Ginkgo tree. You’ll have to go to your local health food store to find it (most likely in powder form), but it has been shown to help increase libido, especially in women. Even better, ginkgo balboa can improve all four stages of sex, from foreplay to afterglow – a rare trait amongst aphrodisiacs.

When it comes to aphrodisiac foods, the most important thing to remember is that everybody is different and though some foods can supplement sexual function, simply eating a bunch of oysters probably won’t magically increase your libido. Plus, most aphrodisiac foods require regular consumption to show true scientific change. That being said, if a food makes you feel sexy, it makes you feel sexy. If eating saffron excites you or licking chocolate off your partner turns you on, then by all means allow food to enter your sex life. As long as you stay safe (use a barrier if you’re going to play with food) and listen to your body, aphrodisiacs can be a thrilling and deeply personal way to explore the world of sexual possibilities.

6 Foods that Make You Feel Sexy By Hannah Rimm originally appeared on Rumble & Buzz by Le Wand


Should Masturbation Be Part of Your Self-Care Routine?


Many people aspire to make self-care a priority among their health and wellness goals. Manicures, face masks and shopping sprees sure are glamorous, but let’s face it, these habits can be quite expensive, and the effects are often short-lived — whomp whomp.

For me, the ultimate self-care ritual is masturbation. The beauty of it is that I don’t have to rely on anyone, it makes me feel f-ing amazing, and best of all, it’s free! Now let me tell you all about why you, too, should be incorporating masturbation into your #SelfCareSunday or any day!

  1. Better Orgasms

This may be the most obvious reason: masturbation can lead to better orgasms! It’s true! When I first started to experiment sexually, I struggled to climax during sex. A few years and partners later, my current partner and now hubby encouraged me to masturbate more often to identify my pleasure points. WOW, did this make all the difference! Not only did I figure out the things that really turn me on and make me wet, but I was also finally able to locate my G-spot!! Hallelujah! And this has led to hotter, more frequent orgasms for yours truly 😉

  1. Less Stress

Even with how much I get freaky in the bedroom, I still manage to get stressed out when there’s a crisis at work or issues at home. When I start to feel my stress levels rising, I make sure to carve out 15 to 30 minutes of the day to get horny AF and pleasure myself. Whether I’m slowly caressing my body with my fingertips or thrusting with my favorite Jack-Rabbit vibrator, I always feel an immediate sense of calm and well-being wash over me. Trust me and give it a try the next time you’re feeling a bit stressed — I can assure you that not only can masturbation blow your mind, it literally does wonders for your mental state!

  1. Better Sleep

Not to get all scientific on you, but research has shown that orgasms can lead to better sleep due to the release of various hormones. Can anyone remember a satisfying late-night hook-up when you then slept like a rock afterward?! Well, that’s your hormones in action! I started masturbating as part of my #SelfCareSunday routine to see if it would improve my night’s sleep and boy has it been life-changing. Better sleep = a happier and healthier Miranda!

  1. Confidence

Let’s not forget the most important reason of all — confidence! My sex life became so much more fulfilling and adventurous once I started to maintain a positive self-image. Learning the intricacies of my body through touch and exploration has led to a level of self-confidence that I never freaking imagined a few years ago! Try caressing your nipples, stroking your clit or stimulating your G-spot to find out exactly what your body can do. Now LMFAO fans, sing it with me… “I’m sexy and I know it!”

Soooo, next time you’re tempted to whip out your meditation app, try masturbating instead. This will be the easiest habit to stick to in your self-care routine because it feels so. damn. gooood. Now stop reading, get masturbating, and start reaping all of these amazing benefits!

Should Masturbation Be Part of Your Self-care Routine? by Miranda Buzzlove originally appeared on CalExotics.com